The innovative protective nonwovens with addition of feathers

Authors: Krystyna Wrześniewska-Tosik , Tomasz Mik , Tomasz Kowalewski, Damian Walisiak. Michalina Pałczyńska, Ewa Wesołowska, Dariusz Dębiec, Piotr Kacorzyk

Company/Faculty/School: Łukasiewicz Research Network- Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres

Country: Poland


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The composite protective non-woven  obtained by needle punching method consists of wool and chicken feathers. The non-woven fabric is intended for covering  difficult terrain (heaps, railway embankments, ski slopes etc.) where getting a good sodding is very difficult. The non-woven fabric is characterized by high water capacity and adheres well to the ground. As a result of non-woven biodegradation the nitrogen released from wool and feathers enriches the soil with a nutrient, thanks to which it is not necessary to fertilize the ground with mineral fertilizers.