3D printer for direct printing of orthodontic aligners

Authors: Antun Marić, Ljubomir Lokin i Luka Biondić

Company: 3Dtech d.o.o.

Country: Croatia

e-mail: info@3dtech.hr

web: https://www.Izzi3dprinters.com/

This device is product of several innovative solutions in the field of 3D printing, such as unique top-down LCD light unit and the system for 3D print of high viscosity materials.

These innovations have enabled direct printing of high quality orthodontic aligners.  IZZI DIRECT is first global printer with such outstanding capabilities.

A classic orthodontic aligner is made by pressing thermofoil on a 3D printed model, while the IZZI 3D printer directly makes an orthodontic aligner. By applying this innovation, it is possible to achieve, until now impossible geometries of aligners, thereby significantly improving the quality of treatment for dental patients.