Window Protector

Authors: Zheng Yu Han, Cheong Meng Hin

Company/Faculty/School: Premier School Affiliated to Hou Kong Middle School

Country: China


Typhoon often comes from June to September every year. When the typhoon comes, window will vibrate and degree of vibration of window may exceeds its limit of endurance, making windows break and may cause casualties. To prevent the breaking of the glass, our team design a device made up of telescopic rod and our special made vibration-reduction cup to absorb the vibration of the glass and make it more endurable. The telescopic rod provides the stabilizing force for the vibration reduction cup. The vibration reduction cup has three elements: hook, the spring and the suction cup.  Hook connects rod and the other parts, spring reduces the vibration of glass by its elastic force, and the suction cup has a strong bond with the glass.