Smart Foldable Table with Built In Solar Power Panels and Illumination Systems

Author: Chiao-Chi, Chang

Company: Taiwan Math/Science Circle (TWMC)

Country: Taiwan



There has been a trend of camping in Taiwan recently, and when it comes to camping, the most indispensable item is the folding table and chairs that are easy to carry. Unfortunately, the folding tables and chairs currently sold on the market have a single function. And there is no sense of design. Therefore, in order to solve the above problems and increase the fun of camping, students and I invented a smart folding table with built-in solar panels and lighting systems. In addition to the lighting function, it is also easy to carry and more importantly , it is charged and stored through solar panels and batteries, so there is no need to use shop assistants to achieve the purpose of energy saving and carbon reduction.

    The present invention refers to a solar intelligent folding table and chair with lighting function, which comprises: a solar panel, a converter, a lithium battery, a transmission line, a lighting lamp, a table with multiple folding joints, and six multiple sheets Chair with folding function. Among them: the solar panel is arranged on the desktop, and its function is to absorb the light energy generated by the sun, and through the converter, the light energy is converted into electrical energy, and the store energy is stored in the lithium battery, and the converter and the Lithium batteries are installed at the bottom of the table; secondly, the lithium battery has a transmission line, which is connected to the lighting lamp in the center of the table, and the lighting lamp can not only play its lighting function when barbecue at night, but also can be removed for night tours; in addition, The table top and the four limbs and legs of the table all have a movable joint, so that the table can be folded into a storage mode; finally, the present invention is equipped with six chairs, and the legs and the back of each chair are provided with a movable joint. The purpose of the movable joint is to fold the chair into a size that is convenient to carry to save space; it is worth noting that when the table and chair can be in the storage state, they can be combined together through the tenons under the desktop and on the chair surface, so that the It is integrated, allowing users to carry it easily.