Portable enchantment purification Laser Roman memorial column


Company: Jen-Teh Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management

Country: Taiwan

e-mail: eddie@wiipa.org.tw

web: https://www.wiipa.org.tw/

The design is to use laser light in the Roman style of the venue, and laser light inside, combined with the religious protection of the enchantment space concept to create a purified venue space. The laser beams have different colors in sequence. In Buddhism, there are different color beams, each representing a different meaning of blessing. The projection of different beams can be selected according to the needs of the deceased or family members. A fixed space is projected through the four (or six/eight) laser beams between the styles, which symbolizes a protective enchantment space. In addition, a small speaker player can be embedded in the style, which can play Christian hymns or Buddhist songs according to the different religious beliefs of the deceased and family members. At the same time, a cloud essential oil spray device is installed above the flower owner, and the Great Compassion Mantra is poured into it when using it. Water and purification of essential oils, cloud manufacturing and the use of essential oil sprays can improve the taste of the air in the venue, and can also achieve a certain environmental protection and epidemic prevention effect. It can also create a spatial visual effect, creating a space like a purified cloud and fairyland, symbolizing the wish for the dead. A better wonderland or heaven. The design of the style is also designed as a portable folding style to facilitate movement. It is lightweight, convenient, and can be reused. The venue layout does not lose its solemnity, and it can also be adjusted to create a clean space with various venues of different sizes.