Functional yarn with heat /cold protected, antibacterial and water resistant functionalities

Author: Wu, Chin-San;Cheng, Xiang-Ling;Kuo, Ling-Chun;

Company: Kao Yuan University

Country: Taiwan



The multi-functional textile fiber for this work is composed of marine shellfish, porous non-thermal conductor aerogel, and bio-based plastic material. This fiber possesses plenty of benefits. The fiber can neutralize the negative charge of the human body, avoiding static electricity. It has an excellent antibacterial effect that resists the invasion of microorganisms in the weaving thread, an excellent warmth retention effect that creates a thermal barrier which prevents the heat in the body from escaping in cold weather, and a strong hydrophobic effect which prevents water molecules from invading. When the product is damaged, it can be discarded, recycled so that the product can be effectively and completely decomposed; Above all, the fiber not only provides customers with a comfortable wearing experience, but also has huge functionality and environmental protection properties. As a result, it is currently one of the most popular and important products in the diversified market.