Fast-password changing intelligent door lock

Author: Tsai, Yao-Pin;Yang,Cheng-Ye;Chen, Yan-Rong;Xu,Guang-Yu;Shen,Guan-Ting;

Company: Taipei City University of Science and Technology

Country: Taiwan



The present invention is composed of technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud database, smart phone, two-dimensional code, single chip system and programming software, and is a complete system.

Door locks on the market generally only use keys to unlock, and users often forget to bring keys or lose keys, causing a lot of trouble. With the rapid advancement of technology, there are more and more tools that can be used to unlock locks, and the methods of unlocking are constantly changing and fast, making it easy for thieves to unlock and invade the home. The present invention mainly uses the two-dimensional code as the key of the door lock. We applied the QR code function on the smartphone as an unlock password judgment, and a new set of passwords can be changed immediately after unlocking. We changed the lock to a QR code electronic lock, the key only needs a smartphone or a card printed with a QR code, the door lock is safe and convenient. This work is different from traditional door locks, which can effectively reduce the trouble of tenants forgetting or losing keys, and if the QR code is stored in the mobile phone, it is not afraid of losing it, and it can also prevent others from stealing the keys. own room. This work also supports the Internet of Things. After scanning, it is sent to the server using wifi, and the server determines that the data is correct and then sends it to the host to unlock it. Password, safer and faster than traditional door locks. In addition, the use of magnetic cards is saved, and the purpose of reducing costs and paying attention to environmental protection is achieved.


  1. Complete system, including smartphone terminal, Internet of Things, cloud database, door lock system, password generation and control software
  2. Use QR code as unlock key, which can be stored in smartphone or printed on small paper
  3. You can quickly update and change the QR code password, which is convenient and safe
  4. No need to use magnetic card, reduce cost, pay attention to environmental protection
  5. Combined with the function of the Internet of Things, it can be controlled remotely, and multiple sets of smart door locks can be used at the same time
  6. Suitable for hotels, dormitories, host families and general families